Tanker epilepsy: what we know

Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AFP) - Iran on Saturday, two months after he was arrested in the United Arab Emirates port of Dubai, headed by the British-flagged tanker, power, and control site.

Epilepsy is Iran and its arch foe, the United States, as well as the US and its allies in the middle of this year, the situation was one of a number of siding.

What about vessels involved here, we have:

Grace 1 / Adrian river

With the help of the British security forces in Gibraltar Royal troops involved in the Iranian oil tanker - Grace on July 1 - 4 of the British coast.

Oil supertanker rescind the EU arms embargo against Syria, was arrested on suspicion of sending 2.1 million barrels.

The Panamanian-flagged vessel, the head of the Indian Marines, and later a military helicopter landed on the deck.

Iran called "pirate" in his capture and the actions will not go unanswered, he said.

A Gibraltar court ordered the release of a 11-day and 15 hours despite the detention of US legal tender.

A few days later, he flies the flag of Iran and the Eastern Mediterranean sailing with a new name - Adrian river.

Iran several times in east Siberia, bound for Syria, was officially named the ship's destination.

Then the representative of the US President for National Security, John Bolton, accused of a September 6, combined with satellite imagery, and sent Adrian river from the Syrian port of Tartus.

Indeed, without saying where, on September 8, Iranian state media, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Abbas says that with Iran's tanker and its cargo was unloaded and docked on the shores of the Mediterranean.

London and Washington accuses Iran of supplying oil to Syria.

"But TankerTrackers ship is still loaded with the coast of Tartus, Syria said that" Twitter.

· MT

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, on July 14, his forces failed smuggling of fuel smuggling in Gulf waters, "foreign tanker detained," he said.

seized south of the island with a tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, Iran Larak, Guards.

"On board with a capacity of two million liters and 12 foreign crew, the vessel of foreign ships to deliver fuel to Iranian boats smuggling along," the statement said.

Panamanian-flagged MT, son and other vessels use the strait to reintegrate TankerTrackers, Iran had gone across the water, and at the same time, an automatic identification system signals canceled.

par Impero

Revolutionary Guards, on July 19, the oil through the Strait of Hormuz before rappelling onto the deck of a British-flagged ships surrounded the Stena Impero.

183-meter (600-foot) ship Bandar Abbas port of Iran, in order to break the "rules" of international port, Ricardo allegedly suffered after hitting ship, did not return calls and delete the Transponder.

Tagalog vessel arrest came hours after a court in Gibraltar, the extension of custody in favor: 1.

Withdrawal of Iran, and Moscow, random, rejecting allegations that the UK legal action and said that further investigation is required.

Stena Bulk vessel belonging to the company on September 4, and 23 crew members, seven were released.

Iran's government spokesman Ali Rabiei "legal process was completed on September 23," he was free to leave the vessel.

On Friday, the ship's owner and Comfortable province's port and the ship sailed away from the international organization that has reached the water.

Vessel at midnight local time (2000 GMT), came shortly after Dubai and MarineTraffic.com, according to the site, the waste water at night and stopped.

He began to visit the emirate on Saturday in Anchorage site.

Unknown Plates

Approximately 700,000 liters of contraband fuel to Iran, and the seven crew aboard, announced on July 31 with another vessel.

Gulf Arab states of the Guard, was en route to deliver fuel to Bushehr province and said he was transferred into the hands of the authorities.

Information on the identity of the vessel and the crew, citizenship is not identified at the time of withdrawal.

On September 7, Iran's coast guard ship is allegedly seized contraband fuel trucks, and 12 Filipino crew members were arrested.

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