Saudi crown prince warns of escalation with Iran, it is a political decision:

US (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's crown prince to be together with the world to stop Iran, oil prices could exceed the number of "high", warned in an interview broadcast on Sunday, said: We want a political solution, but the military said.

Speaking CBS program "60 minutes" Muhammad bin Salman, the head of the kingdom, as well as a year ago, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi quickly rejected, but finally ordered the killing as a "full responsibility" in the state, he said: the head.

Khashoggi deaths worldwide scandal tarnished and the crown prince, but Trump's tense period, with Iran and Saudi Arabia, its arch enemy, especially after the attacks on Sept. 14, according to the Saudi heartland, Riyadh, recently has dominated US policy, oil and gas industry.

"The world does not take action to stop Iran is a strong and stable pose a threat to the interests of the world, we can see further escalations," said the crown prince. "Oil supply and oil prices will be seen in his life, but we can jump to unimaginably high numbers."

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