Must comply with all the political leaders, per: Dr Firdous

Islamabad (Sunday News) - The Danube Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Comedian British Special Assistant to the Minister, instead of political leaders, to develop a policy in Indian-Kashmir (IOK) said that people should comply.

Islamabad's airport on Sunday after the minister wanted to meet Imran Khan, answering questions of journalists, and to meet the representatives of the nation's prime minister, Paul said.

Special Assistant to the large number of people Imran Khan c Kashmir issue in a speech to the UN General Assembly last week's efforts to increase the awareness of the international community, including Canada, the organizations plan gathered at the airport to pay tribute to the rich.

He lives in the heart of leaders like Imran Khan, also said he would remain in history.

Dr Firdous their beloved leader, to a great many people in the world, they write a rapprochement with inspiring words of Prime Minister said that he was happy to show.

"PM Imran Kashmiris, including the people around the world," he said, and added that Imran Khan as well as describe the true face of Islam. "Some elements were trying to make political name in honor of the Prophet [Peace]," he added.

Juy-P C proposed naming March speech, Dr. Firdous comedian Awan said that they should work for

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