Indian Kashmir over 30 years of terror: Pakistan rejoinder to the UN

UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK (Danube News) - Pakistan on Saturday night will be a rejoinder to the United Nations General Assembly (Canada) Minister of atrocities and gross human rights violations in Kashmir, India, Imran Khan, India's criticism.

Zulqarnain Chheena Pakistani diplomat and his mission right now PM Khan, the world community, the Indian government said he exposes the true cruel face of terrorism.

"India and his disgusting face up to the truth about the policies and actions of others is obvious that we will want to see it," PM Khan and Mr Zulqarnain described in the 193-member Assembly in response to the representative of India, and the address of a good discussion " hate speech. "

Pakistan, New Delhi was placed on the elderly, states that "the country is suddenly against the Kashmiris and minorities."

"Committing terrorism in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir for the last 30 years, [...] The Indian government has lifted the order of the field (RSS), which [...] the face of the death of Mahatma Gandhi, India's religious and Kashmir are being destroyed," he a word.

Mr Zulqarnain Pakistan India spyware Kulbushan Yadev various incidents of terrorist attacks in Pakistan and the arrest of his neck.

"The structure of the scheme for the ideological fathers, RSS ()," Zulqarnain, Second Secretary at the Mission of Pakistan to the UN said: "(India) disease that betray a sense of pride and self-righteousness, and utilities around the drive feature of India.

"For a deeper understanding of the ideology of" hatred "was dissatisfied with the word" hate speech "very strong response," he said.

He Meets World "and its singular achievement, it will be referred to as a" fake "and India as the people who have called an" attempt at self-glorification by the gross. M.S. Policy Psychology, the RSS link to India, one of the founders of Indian country. "

"Today, the Hindu dominance in this ideal of fair return to being put down with zealousness - each with a group of rogue: Lynching cows vigilantes with any adverse action on screen, supremacist RSS ideology ever more brazenly in the Far East. Life is called "lively democracy, this" other "happy as hell to treat India is. Tellingly, in 1948, the idea of ​​dealing with the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi's death is a secular India and espoused. "

Zulqarnain mission of India, referring to a statement by the First Secretary of Vidisha Maitra, India India in preparation for a false and narrow tract is more familiar as to concentrate on the problems that the cold ground.

"As the decades since engaged in terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, which has the gall to accuse others of terrorism," Pakistani delegate further added.

"Service personnel at the head of a country Kulbhushan Jadhav, red-arrested for espionage, sabotage and terrorism have to go up as a criminal."

"Three terror-related charges for the banned fascist RSS in India, there is a great country with an iron, and others point."

"If all of India earlier this year acquitted Samjotha terrorist attacks, the perpetrators should seek answers."

"In 2017, India's bloody cow Vigilante group, for the transport of livestock were killed in cold blood" to seek answers to Pehlu Khan's murder

"India's political future suffering of the innocent victims and the suffering and the need to respond to the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 employees worldwide."

"For these and many other events, including the victim in accordance with the general [God] is behind all that was sought by the Hindutva onslaught unhappy." Zulqarnain.

"In Kashmir, India's representative deliberately Blackout, including full and ill from the heat, every word."

"Also, it is within the last 53 days, and was forced to live without food and necessary items, there is a state of innocent Kashmiris, for 53 family and friends in the overall well-being as well as information days; 53 days before the end of the night There is no fear of an unknown apartment, "he said.

"We, in contrast, held on suspicion of illegally occupied territory of India was the need to remove barriers to the development of the region", he will, no doubt, is not relevant stakeholders, the development of a novel model

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