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Imran Khan, the Indian prime minister occupation forces for violations of human rights in the Occupied Kashmir had returned to Pakistan after addressing the UN General Assembly this historic house, the prime minister, Imran Khan has become the film's main focus.

Russian Prime Minister during his visit to New York Kashmir number of world leaders and human rights adopted by India and met them in the event of illegal and one-sided step.

In his address to the UN General Assembly, and at the expense of its calls on the United Nations to play the role of Kashmiris Sao Tome and Kashmir, within 50 days, inhuman pressure on India to lift a curfew imposed to the world's attention.

Shortly after the prime minister landed in Islamabad, Twitter users Back PM Imran Khan, a small blog to take the stage.

twiteratis Hashtags Indian occupation forces in violation of human rights in occupied Kashmir, the UN General Assembly in his historic address was used to praise PM Imran Khan.

In the border area and the Narcotics Control Shehryar Khan Afridi, Minister of Twitter, said: "I looked back to life, and I proudly @ImranKhanPTI Tides is high, with a difficult challenge to our courage, and also, I would say that, as well. was like a dream. We Pak, IA. We will provide for the pride and dignity of my nation and no compromise. "

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