Chess and boxing is the core of the best "

PARIS (AFP) - dripping with sweat and gasping for breath after feeding off their anchors, and threw uppercuts, trying to refocus its bishop chess moves warily ...

French artist Enki Bilal's illustrated books chessboxing is now a reality, creating a body of literature and play chess and boxing mixed with blood, and sometimes the whole world.

It combines the physical and intellectual - and is growing in popularity.

There is a ring in Paris on November first fightnight in sports, Bilal Odder event grew out of the 1992 book "Cold Equator" epic power of the final chapter of the trilogy, which consists of a combat hero, a combination of boxing and chess.

"One time I was like a gladiatorial sport in the way of my characters against each other in a wonderful way," Bilal told AFP.

"I am a human being and a good sport is a very important number, which, in particular, its high intelligence, was found in his mighty power."

"IMs to lift boxing me in chess. But it is important, because a philosophy of space. Behind Violence Movement, will be there. I just thought with the ring."

Odder ropes Ten years later, the Dutch took off Iepe Rubingh funny, true artists, and thrust them into the ring.

In 2003, he organized the first fight, he was one of the two main participants - Intellectual Fight Club (IFC), the worldwide coverage of the bouts of the World Chess Boxing Organization (WCBO).

Breaking stereotypes

Today, mainly in Germany, the 10 national unions, and its suburbs has about 3,500 combatants, the United Kingdom and India, and almost entirely male.

"This is not a complete sport," Thomas Cazeneuve, and in 2017 became the world champion for the first time in the country to hire specialist.

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